isolationism is weakness.😎 playing with untitled thought is a foolish act! 😕. weird



Born to hustle!


….for certain big unlimited reasons, man survives by hustling!.  

people say;

 Man is to work hard! which is TRUE!

BUT: imagine if the universe was for IMMORTALS!, no STRESS!, life running in an automatic style with no daily DEMANDS.

imagine that”


We have life answers with us!

No answer for our life kept in space out there!

At the point were we are makes it our answer for our life. It would make and sound like a mistake if our answers are kept far away from us! to enjoy why we leave on this planet. Look no farther, just concentrate in life.


No matter how big is our field of knowing when and how we should stay firm to life, it will be gained.

Wrath to be!


Hunting for a goal is unpredictable mind system!…. No day shall tell the truth about the future! We keep hustling to know! or else, meet our destined future life!

……just daily, is gonna be the beginning!

Lote Michael ™

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